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Groundwater Matters

Because the connection between groundwater and surface streams was not well understood in the early years of Colorado water law, the first attempts to allocate the groundwater and to incorporate its use into Colorado's prior appropriation system fell short of the mark. The understanding of groundwater has grown increasingly sophisticated and the system of administering groundwater has followed the trend. As a result, groundwater law has evolved into a complex and geographically-specific area of expertise and is expanding into areas involving oil and gas wells and geothermal wells.

Moses, Wittemyer, Harrison and Woodruff, P.C. understands the complexities of the groundwater system and has experience with groundwater issues throughout Colorado. We have helped clients in all areas of groundwater law, including adjudicating water rights for new wells, changing existing groundwater rights, developing and adjudicating plans for augmentation, litigating complex groundwater issues as part of state rulemaking and other administrative proceedings, and well permitting through the Colorado Ground Water Commission and State Engineer's office.

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